P R gnanaraja


Founded in 2021 as a wholesale dealer of coconuts, selling coconut to other parts of India to help the country’s coconut economy. We manufacture coconut copra, which is utilized in the production of coconut oil. We grow coconuts on our land as well. We provide coir products to serve the worldwide agriculture sector and eco-friendly environment.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to reaching our goal and are passionate about providing our clients with additional value. On product quality, we are concentrating. Our products are environmentally friendly, helping to foster your expansion.


To use our products to help nurture an Eco Friendly environment


Through our goods and services, we contribute value to the lives of millions of people while preserving the environment worldwide.

Core Value

Business ethics, using reliable vendors to deliver high-quality goods and services, and a collaborative work environment that integrates a timely process

Founder's Message

We began as a wholesale trader of coconuts to explore new possibilities with a vision and passion to learn, give, and grow. We created space for development and broadened our horizons via pure vision.

Together, we can strengthen the local, regional, and global economies while creating value and promoting the growth of values. We are happy to work together to create possibilities that will help the entire world.

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Our Products

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